7 comments on “Iranian Big Science and Western Farsi-cal (sic) Reactions

  1. I may have missed it, but Iran has also had several launches that ‘appear’ to have failed, exploding before reaching what most assume was meant to be a low earth orbit. HOWEVER, all of this needs to be put into a different light. What may appear to be a failure could be a success — if your goal is to deliver an EMP device. In that case, what you need is a nuclear warhead on a missile that can be launched from the deck of a freighter and which will be set to explode around 100,000 feet and — optimally — as close to Oklahoma City as possible. There was a study done by the US government and published in the 1980’s that found such a device could — in theory — destroy everything electrical in the United States. Modern estimates are that this could and likely would lead to the deaths of some 250 million+ Americans in less than 6 months. Talk about slaying a Goliath with a sling shot…

    • I agree, Iran probably knows all that. And our brilliant Secretary of State, John Kerry, negotiated a deal which allows Iran to pursue their nuclear weapons program with only the merest difficulty. And we have to endure this administration for another three years!

      • When Chesterton compared the Classical virtues with the Christian virtues, he said that their primary difference consisted in justice, prudence, fortitude, and temperance being reasonable; while faith, hope, and love were unreasonable. Expectation of a good result in favorable or somewhat favorable situation is prudence. Expectation of a good result in an utterly unfavorable situation is hope.

        And so, we have a society of dependency on government aid, of ignorance, of political apathy and where our citizens are bombarded by Liberal media and philosophy. This society elected Obama again despite the economy getting worse, government scandals, and America losing face across the world. Everything points to the dissolution of the American system.

        But, it was at the darkest time in history that the Light of the World destroyed the kingdom of Satan and reversed the downward spiral of humanity. Perhaps things will get a whole lot darker; yet, our God can foil darkness any time He wishes. We just need to hope in this God and do our duty, knowing that God rewards not the success of our efforts, but the efforts themselves.

        There’s my little sermon on hope! You do much to spread American ideals: believe that it is possible for them to touch the hearts and minds of your fellows!

      • Your sermon is welcomed and appreciated, thank you.

        The only thing I would note is that, the last time God sent His Light into this world, we were told it will only happen once more — and when He returns that next time, He will come as the warrior King the Jews have been looking for. At that time, it will not go well for those who have opposed Him. I pray we are not as close to this time as I have come to believe we are — for the sake of those who might still be led to Him before it is too late…

      • The interesting thing about reading the writings of the saints is that they tended to believe the second coming was imminent–especially in the third and fourth centuries, the tenth, the thirteenth, the fourteenth, the sixteenth, the eighteenth, and the twentieth. The signs spoken of the in Apocalypse seem to repeat throughout history as the forces of the enemy grow and are then suppressed. Who knows when the final uprising will occur and be suppressed by Christ the King in person?

        It’s a good thing that God is merciful enough to await the repentance of us poor sinners.

      • medieval,

        Yes, every generation has had the sense it was the last. However, there are two things different this time. First, this is the first generation that can say with any degree of certainty that EVERYTHING prophecy said had to be fulfilled before the end has been. The second thing is that — for the very first time EVER — man has the ability to put a boot on the throat of humanity and keep it there forever. I do not see this in prophecy, which — to me — means it does not happen. And so, things must be drawing to a close.

        But then, as you say, every generation has felt the same way.

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