4 comments on “Social Duty

  1. I think that the main problem with people being unwilling to perform their social duties is because they feel disconnected from politics. In Athens, someone was thought to be an idiot if they had no cares for the affairs of state. Americans felt similarly until within the past few decades. More and more, Americans see the affairs of the nation as the affairs of the ruling elite. As long as something is not seen as directly impacting their lives they refuse to take a role in politics. This is now so bad that most will complain against a bad law for a short time and then adjust to it rather than vigorously fighting it until the end.

    But, the roots of our problems are cultural. You mention that people would be well served by reading the Old Testament and the Classics. True, if they can then connect that to the fact that this nation was forged from Christian principles and the political principles of Rome and Athens. This could reconnect them to the cult of America. However, a good half of the population feel more of a connection with the cults of Marx and Secularism. Even on the conservative side, many are libertarians rather than classical liberals. If we are only attached to a system of economy, if there is no sense of “one for all and all for one,” if each only thinks of his private benefit–whether on the left or the right, the cult of America is gone.

    Great article, Draagynden!

    • I would very much like you to write on the Cult of America and the importance of “belonging”. I believe I know where you picked up the term, but I know everyone would benefit from an article authored by you on the subject.

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