4 comments on “Modesty: A Forgotten Virtue?

  1. Americans have always given support to the underdog, but don’t forget that even more vigorously they would hail the victor, underdog or no.

    • Not necessarily, after all General Lee is more venerated than General Grant, even though the former lost. No section of the country closes businesses and public buildings on Grant’s birthday.

      I think that Americans like a man to have good character and to give all of himself into his struggle. If he has good character and refuses to give up, he can become beloved even if he losses.

      • Well that’s true, but Lee is a man of Myth as much as a man of virtue. The Lost Cause, which is nursed in the Deep South but also adopted elsewhere, is remembered and revered but I am not sure if it is as healthy as some espouse. The Old Grey Uniform is gallant and romantic, and true it is that all can take heart and remember the lessons of gallantry and chivalry; I do not think the other lesson should be forgot. That even the image of chivalry, no matter how glorious and gallant it appears, cannot be built on the backs of slaves.

        Ours is a sad clash of noble cultures, and we all must be both to understand the whole. General Grant gave all of himself just as General Lee did, and the country hailed him as a hero and a savior of the Union, so much so they elected him President of the United States of America. It was only his mistakes as a president that dampened the memory of his ultimate victory.

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