3 comments on “The Cult of America

  1. I would add only this, that Americans also hold the great movers of industry as truly great men of America. This is because they were able to maximize the potentialities that the American system and institutions create and protect.

    I would add the Masters of market and industry:

    Cornelius Vanderbilt
    John D. Rockefeller
    Andrew Carnegie
    J.P. Morgan
    Thomas Edison
    Nikolia Tesla
    Henry Ford
    Charles Schwab
    George Westinghouse
    William C. Durant

    To pay correct tribute to the American value of risk and reward. To see potential and to have the courage to risk everything to see it come to fruition. You could add the modern day giants as well.

    Bill Gates
    Steve Jobs
    Sam Walton

    And the list could go on, but I think the point is made.

    • But, with entrepreneurs, most Americans would also like to see evidence of self-sacrifice or working for the public good. It is wonderful when people can form companies which fulfill their dreams and employ many people, but these business owners would seem to be merely self-interested in utilizing their talents if they stopped there. For example, I should say Carnegie certainly fits the ideal of a businessman who uses his wealth for the public good, especially considering all the public libraries he established. J. P. Morgan used his wealth to bail out the U.S. government during Grover Cleveland’s administration to prevent America from forsaking the gold standard. The others may also have done much for the public good, but I am not too familiar with their biographies.

      And Tesla is certainly another great inventor, whom we know Edison relied upon much.

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