One comment on “From The WSJ: Perspective on World Affairs – East and West

  1. I put this article up for two reasons,

    First to highlight the drastically different reactions these two nations have had to separatist movements. Both separatist movements are linked to long histories and controversial politics. But it should be noted that England went about the whole issue quite well, even being so deeply threatened with a breaking of political and economic power, not to mention territory, they stuck to the process: so too did Scotland.

    Second to show the inherent unstable nature of centralized, and dare I say, totalitarian regimes. I think the United States could try and learn a lesson from both of these political issues/incidents and work to correct some of the mistakes we have made and have been leaning toward making. The National Government has continued to act more like China in its attempts at controlling major issues that are very close to the peoples’ hearts; when in fact we really should trust to the system our forefathers laid out for us; the American people, for all of their eccentricities, generally do a better job of governing themselves then the technocrats they trust.

    I say trust to the system for it is far more impartial and just then any man we think will be impartial and just.

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