4 comments on “Book Review: A Higher Call

  1. That sounds like a great book. I’ve heard about this incident before. If you want to read about other honorable Germans in WWII, many were in the U-boat force. I can recommend U-boat Commander by Peter Cremer and Steel Boat, Iron Hearts by Hans Goebeler. The latter was a bit of a rogue, but honest and interesting.

    • Interesting; I don’t know much about the U-Boat force, so I’ve added both those books to my list. It really is a shame the Nazis managed to gain command of the German military; it sounds like there were many honorable men who served in the German armed forces.

      • There were, but I do get the perception that the German army tended to be more thuggish than the Luftwaffe and U-boat arms of the Wehrmacht. Another interesting German pilot is Hans Ulrich-Rudel, whose career as a Stuka pilot is downright astounding. He was eventually given the highest award in the German military and asked by Hitler himself to retire from active service. Rudel refused the Fuehrer to his face and resumed active service–sometimes flying as many as 14 missions a day on the Eastern front. Unfortunately, Rudel was a devoted Nazi and an anti-Semite, but bravery is admirable even in an enemy, as Aristotle tells us.

  2. Perhaps; I know very little about the German army. I do get the impression that the most thuggish of all were to be found in the SS and the Gestapo. I think the Luftwaffe had little love for either of those organizations, but I don’t know how the army felt about them.

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