5 comments on “On Misdirection and Misinformation

  1. This is well written, misinformation and misdirection are used on all sides, and I am glad to see someone break this down piece by piece to show the facts, and the agendas that have been applied to this story. Well Done WCP!

    • I agree. People are too hasty these days and expect each event to fit into certain little boxes. Also, the article neatly explains why I hate Twitter–however useful it may be for some things.

  2. I agree, I can’t bring myself to use twitter although I have been encouraged to do so multiple times.
    It is interesting that even television is now forming its’ presentation and content so that it is more easily packaged and transported in little snippets across the internet. I happened to listen to NPR’s story on the subject and it matched well with this article.

    • People are just too impatient these days. The only thing I use twitter for these days is to publish articles and occasionally like or share other people’s stuff so that they know I’m still interested. That’s about it.

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