2 comments on “Reblog: All They Have is Fear by Jack Donovan

  1. I am re-reading, “The Way of Men” by the same author. With recent developments I think it ever more important to understand the necessity of Men as Men. The continued blending of the sexes is an attempt at fundamental transformation.

    • That’s certainly true. The less feminine women appear, the more the Left lauds them. And, they praise men who doff their masculinity to the skies. There are so many things wrong with their attitude towards the sexes that a comment box hardly allows for sufficient space to delineate their errors.

      With Jack Donovan, I will point out that his analysis of manliness also has problems because it departs from the Judeo-Christian, Greco-Roman ideal. A man, to his mind, ought to aspire to be a Viking king, which is a noble goal as the Vikings had many powerful and noble kings in their history. But, the Western ideal for man is along the lines of a servant. So, the Greeks and Romans thought of the great statesman, serving the common good of the whole country, as the best sort of man; while a Jew would have a prophet in mind and the Christian a saint–the former serving the moral good of the Hebrew nation, and the latter the spiritual good of not only Christendom but the world. So, Donovan’s idea of a good man perhaps may be as good as one can understand through natural reason, but it falls short in being essentially selfish. The idea of a good man as a kind of servant, who considers all power which falls to him only as a means to make other people happy, is closer to the truth. Reading Sir Walter Scott and J. R. R. Tolkien is ultimately of more value than Donovan, but the points Donovan makes are important indeed.

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