2 comments on “Oregon Ranchers

  1. Well, that gentleman hit the nail on the head: the government seems to be acting tyrannically in respect to the Hammonds, especially when one considers that the terrorism act uses the word “maliciously.” There is no way that either the trial or the appeal proved that the Hammonds maliciously set these fires.

    But, the word “maliciously” not holding any force in a trial has precedent in history: King Henry VIII forced jurors to convict several Carthusian monks of treason for not signing the Oath of Supremacy. Though the monks tried to defend themselves by saying that they had no malice toward the king in not signing the oath, the jurors were told that it did not matter. So, we have a government that takes a page from the worst tyrant in the history of Britain and sentences law-abiding ranchers and benefactors to their community as terrorists.

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