4 comments on “On Elevating Women

    • I remember your article. It makes a great point: people pursue careers thinking that that’s the best thing in life, but it does not hold a candle to the joy of raising a family. And, we agree that society pushes people to pursue a career over a family, which is not fulfilling–most people are not fulfilled by work unless that work directly contributes to helping other people. We need to encourage people to realize that point.

      In the case of the singer, she occupies a place on the aesthetic sphere, which I would place higher than motherhood (the vital sphere) for how it elevates the human spirit. (At least, it should in some degree; otherwise her music is not worth the breath she exhales for it.) Those pursuing aesthetic or spiritual ends can and are often fulfilled by those pursuits even without a family and a family might detract from those higher ends. So, I see nothing wrong with a singer, artist, or the like forsaking marriage; but, I will say that many people working in the aesthetic sphere do become happier with a family and are able to make art in addition to raise children. Then again, some in the entertainment industry treat their career as fundamentally economic. In which case, they probably should marry or engage the vital sphere in another way.

      Rather than place the articles side by side, I’ll link them to each other through a “Related Article” link at the bottom. That sounds like a good idea.

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