2 comments on “An Apology for Voting Trump

  1. I don’t really need to vent. I understand that even if my vote is against someone, it still means I must “own” whatever the person I vote for stands for, and what kind of person they are. You voted for Trump as a “lesser evil”. You do bear a partial responsibility for helping support evil he might do, because you helped grant him high office. Voting is a duty too many take lightly.

    • It is true that I bear responsibility for any evil that Trump might cause in office. But, I am cheered by the fact that both Republicans and Democrats dislike him, especially in Congress, and that the media also dislikes him. This gives me some assurance that, in the case of him breaking the law, all three of them will hold Trump accountable. Then, we can have Pence in office, who is the most respectable person on either ticket.

      Still, Trump convinced me that he sincerely loves this country in his own way, and I hope he won’t commit scandal in the Oval Office–if only because people will be watching him closely.

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