2 comments on “The Threat of Liberal Humanitarian Fundamentalism

  1. Censorship is also in play now and serves to restrict open inquiry. Amazon caves in and no longer allows its marketplace sellers to sell online books by researchers that question the official account of the holocaust.

    • Yes, censorship is a widespread problem. Amazon no longer sells Confederate merchandise either, despite a significant percent of Americans having ancestors who fought on that side in the war. As I understand it, very few so-called Holocaust deniers actually refute that it occurred. The question is mostly about how many people were killed in fact and its exact circumstances. Yehuda Bauer, friend of Simon Wiesenthall, the one who came up with the 11 million total victims of the Holocaust, told Wiesenthall that he was flat out lying about the 5 million non-Jews. There may also be problems with the 6 million Jews figure. Historians constantly argue about casualties in the case of other historical events, e.g. a historian now estimates 750,000 battlefield deaths in the American Civil War as opposed to the old 620,000 deaths. But only scholars of the Holocaust are censored for questioning the number of casualties, and this is wrong.

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