4 comments on “Confederate Monuments aux Temps des Assassins

  1. Reblogged this on larrysmusings and commented:
    We have thought of writing an essay of our own on this subject of tearing down Civil War historical monuments – but this piece by another blogger raises some thought provoking issues (individual virtue, collective guilt, etc.). Like it or not, the Civil War is part of US history and we ought to try to learn the lessons of history rather than trying to erase or cover up distasteful parts of that history.

    • It is a shame that people are trying to erase the past. Now, they want to go after Andrew Jackson’s statue in New Orleans, and I have little doubt the Cultural Marxists will get around to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington in no time. It’s amazing how people refuse to look at historical figures in the contexts of their times and judge them through a limited, modern lens.

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