3 comments on “Slavophiles vs. Westernizers and Conservatives vs. Liberals

  1. Indeed, the roots of communism do go back to the French Revolution and the thinking of those just prior to it (such as Rousseau and Voltaire). Some may opine that the roots go back to the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century.

    One item you overlook or choose not to point out is just who promotes and orchestrates this dangerous and harmful Leftist nonsense. Communism was largely a Jewish movement as the vast majority of its early leaders were Jews. This was true of the communists in post World War One Germany, Poland and Hungary (Bela Kun in 1919) as well as in Russia. In the West, Jews are always disproportionately represented in various revolutionary movements that make up the Cultural Marxism (which includes radical or gender feminism, political correctness, multi-culturalism, etc.). There is undeniably a Jewish revolutionary spirit and we are living with its harmful effects all over the Western world today. (We have addressed this on our blog.)

    • The Jewish involvement in Marxist movements is an interesting thing. Reading about Soviet Russia, one realizes that Jews filled many roles within the regime. But, not all were die-hard communists. In Russia before the revolution, Jews were denied civil rights and attacked in government pogroms. This no doubt led most to support the Bolshevist Revolution. (Sort of like how American Catholics supported the American Revolutionary War because they had no civil rights in England. Without that, the Catholic ethos generally prefers constitutional or limited monarchy over a republic.) Over time, many Jews became disenchanted with Stalin’s regime and subtly undermined its authority.

      But, I don’t know enough to judge accurately the Jewish influence on Communism. Obviously, the Jews who supported it lost all belief in God. I see a split between Secular Jews and Conservative/Orthodox Jews on this question, and I definitely favor the latter over the former. I’ll have to look at your posts on the subject.

      • Today, many Jews are atheist and are Jews by ethnicity. Those Jews that are religious follow the Talmud, not the Torah. The Talmud is a very chauvinistic and ethnocentric work and contains many anti-Christian passages. As well, what is not widely known in the West is that the Ashkenazim or eastern Jews are not Semites, not descendants of ancient Hebrews. They are descended from a tribe that converted to Talmudic Judaism in the 8th century of the Christian era. They were living on the steppes east of Ukraine in what is now Russia north of the Caspian Sea. The tribe was known as the Khazars.

        Of course, not many know of the Jewish involvement in communism. That is not in the history texts in the Western world. The Jews drove the Tsarist regime to distraction with all their assassination attempts and sabotage going back to the mid 1800s in Russia. There is undeniably a Jewish Revolutionary Spirit that is seen in many subversive movements in the Western world. Not merely in political movements. Feminism was hijacked in the 1960s by Jewish women and is now radical or gender feminism.

        Yes, you could use search box on our blog for more on this.

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