2 comments on “The Charlottesville Debacle

  1. Virginia is an open carry state, thus people carry firearms.

    Perhaps, readers need to consider (and be concerned about) the news media coverage of such events. The news media is in the propaganda business as they work to shape people’s opinions. They get to decide what is reported (however slanted and distorted such reporting is) and what is suppressed (and inconvenient facts are suppressed).

    You are quite right. The events are becoming more violent. But, who starts the violence? Most times, it s the collection of leftist and anarchist thugs that show up that do this. Who is financing these paid agitators and rioters? As social cohesion breaks down further in society (thanks to the Left), we may begin to resemble Weimar Germany in the 1920s with running street battles between different factions.

    • You’re quite right. Ben Shapiro (Ben Shapiro show episode 364) and Sargon of Akkad (the YouTube video “Weimar America”) have done some wonderful analysis of how leftist violence actually caused the rise of fascism in Germany–or in any country for that matter. The two major countries which fell to communism, Russia and China, were both severely crippled by a world war, which permitted the communists to take over. Otherwise the right–even the extreme right–tends to represent order/stability and the left chaos/freedom. In times of stability, people might seek the freedom represented by the left; but when this turns to chaos, they seek the order of the right.

      The media is such a powerful arm of a democracy, but you’re right that they’ve completely abused their power and continue to do so. They’re defending leftist political terror groups and yelling and screaming about far-right groups, like Neo-Nazis and the KKK, which do not have any power in modern American society. The far-right does not engage in mass political violence, because they are conscious of being an unprotected class. Many people in the country believe it’s okay to attack a Nazi just for being a Nazi. The sentiment would grow astronomically if they instigated violence. And, the worst thing about this phenomenon is that anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is a dubbed a Nazi by hysterical leftwingers these days.

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