4 comments on “The Media’s Culture of Toxic Racialism

  1. Good analysis. We dealt with this last week in a rather lengthy post as this is a very important topic. It is difficult to be optimistic right now in the US.

    • It is very difficult to be optimistic about American politics. I pride myself in living in a very stable and sane state in the country, but after Charlottesville I went out and added something to my firearms collection. It’s so easy to compare the present state of affairs to the way America was before the War Between the States.

      • Yes, or the War for Southern Independence, the War of Secession (especially in Europe), Lincoln’s War, or many other things. It depends on what aspect one wants to emphasize.

        My opinion is that the South had the legal right on their side as well as a better connection to the Founders’ ideal of limited government. People try to bring up the slavery issue to discredit the South’s motives, but it was a combination of agitation/violence over slavery, the tariff issue, Northern dominance in the federal government, and animosity caused by cultural differences which led to Southern secession. The North went to war with the South without any intention of ending slavery. Only in 1863 did the North begin to come to a consensus that the Union could only be maintained by ending the peculiar institution.

        Those who hate the South also love bringing up white supremacy, but the fact of the matter is that most people of the North and South did not believe in racial equality. That the North permitted one million of the freed slaves (25%) to die of hunger and disease between 1865 and 1870 during their military occupation of the South shows in what regard the North held blacks. If the North lacked legal segregation, it was only because Northern whites were so far in the majority as to render it unnecessary.

        Thankfully, Americans have come a long way on the question of racial relations since then.

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