6 comments on “Toxic Femininity

    • Yeah, it is a very sad thing when the other side does not believe in the idea of truth. Dr. Jordan Peterson has done a remarkable job in describing the Postmodern Leftist: everything is a power game and the “Phallogocentric” universe, based on the Word and the patriarchy, is inherently evil. One person opined on Twitter that objective truth was a white supremacist concept. How does one even have a society where people really believe truth does not exist? Such a problem is not only intellectual but spiritual, and nothing short of a religious conversion can save them.

  1. My mother-in -law is Spartan and my husband is what you can call an alpha male. He is strong and can cause harm but I feel very safe with him. I’ve been reading a lot about how unnecessary and toxic feminism is. The sad thing is that a lot of women fall for this propaganda.

    • I know what you mean. Most of the laws keeping women from living to their full potential have been taken down by now. Feminism, like many current ideologies, only succeeds in making people more bitter.

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