2 comments on “Booker T. Washington as a Proto-Jordan Peterson

  1. Your article probably needs to be read again by a great many people…

    And I appreciate the link to the Alabama Constitution of 1901 site, it’s important to understand exactly how citizens were dis-enfranchised and the vote subverted. A real review of history will not hide the ugliness of our ancestors, nor will it hide the noble men who walked among them and became pillars of cultural and moral virtue.

    When I first read “Up from Slavery” one summer I was completely taken up with the words and ideas of Mr. Washington, and recommended it to everyone I knew.

    • Booker T. Washington definitely ranks as one of the greatest American educators–if not the greatest one, especially considering the conditions under which he worked. It’s really too bad that people commonly put down Washington’s accomplishments in comparison to W. E. B. DuBois. Washington’s work and words have probably helped more people during his own lifetime and beyond.

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