2 comments on “Croatian History And Deconstruction Of Lies

    • I don’t know what you mean by the idea that the Holocaust has been debunked. This post is talking about how many Croatians outside of the Ustase government tried to help the Jews during WWII. There is a lot of Communist propaganda out there trying to blacken the name of Croatia. They want modern Croatia to appear like a Nazi or Fascist state in order to undermine the legitimacy of its government. How the Communists hate how Croatia fought its way free from their grasp! Za Dom Spremni!

      Having said that, I do know that several historians are trying to dispute the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust. And, people in prominent positions are arresting or harassing people who try to examine various documents and data in order to come closer to the truth. I’m all for historical accuracy, and I know that evidence has come out recently that the number of five million Non-Jews being killed in the Holocaust was fabricated. I also hate how the atrocities committed over 70 years ago are being used to guilt modern day Europeans, which is simply nefarious. But, one must keep to the truth above all.

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