This is the About Page, and quite simply we at Aquilon’s Eyrie want to have a discussion concerning the health of our culture, our people, and our country.  To this end, as the title says, we desire to bring America back to its roots.  More importantly though, we want to bring all of the western world back to its sense of responsibility.

At Aquilon’s Eyrie, we present thought provoking essays on culture and America, lives of great men and women throughout history, and events that show us the true meaning of responsibility and community.  We find that there is a lack of education in our culture today about the individual’s responsibility to his community.  And what better way to learn but from great writers, wonderful stories, and uplifting tales!

I hope that you all enjoy our writings, and that you will be convinced that among all the things we try and teach ourselves and our children, loyalty and responsibility, good community stewardship, really ought to be high on the list.

Happy Reading,

The Aquilon’s Eyrie contributors

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