Remembering Ex-Army: Libertarian Nationalist

I was recently very sad to hear the news that the blog “Ex-Army: Libertarian Nationalist” went offline.  The gentleman who ran it appears to have been a veteran of the Vietnam War and has likely passed away.  I always found his articles full of good sense, and his memes, known as “quibcags” to be very humorous.  It seems a shame that I can no longer introduce people to his website.


However, I have saved many of his brilliant memes, many of which appear to be still cached on the internet.  The blogger thought of himself as a libertarian, a nationalist, and a racial realist.  He felt particular cultures produced certain values and that the mass immigration of people from other cultures would fundamentally change society.  (Immigration within prudent bounds was okay for him.)  As a result, some of his quibcags are a little extreme, but I have decided even to post all that I could get my hands on–even those which some people would consider unsavory.  I hope that it gives people a taste of what the site was like.